Our volunteers are primarily part of a prevention and education program, and we have a few teams which are activated during major incidents in the Inland Empire/Southern California area. During a fire, these teams assist at the air tanker base, with signing people in at fire camps and with fire information phone lines. We do not fight fires or do more intensive fire support activities.

We have other fire prevention education opportunities which includes a Forest Heritage Exhibit (Model T fire patrol vehicle), Smokey Bear, Skiing & Snowboarding at Snow Valley, Mountain Biking, etc.  If you are interested in being involved in some of these other activities, go to our contact page.

If you are interested in volunteer firefighting or fire fighting support, you may find opportunities with California agencies, at www.fs.fed.us   (US Forest Service) or www.fire.ca.gov   (California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection - aka CAL FIRE). They may use "seasonals" but not "volunteers" for fighting fires.  A lot of communities have volunteer fire departments; you might find some of that info on fire fighting blogs or websites if you are interested.

 For volunteer firefighting info in your area specifically, check out Fire Fighters Online - www.firefightersonline.com .

Thank you for your willingness to help and share your skills, especially in this troubling fire season.

Wildfire Prevention Volunteers

The Wildfire Prevention  Volunteers (WPV) teams were established in 2002 to assist the USDA Forest Service in its mission, specifically serving the San Bernardino National Forest. Some of our teams do that through public education and participation in community events. Others perform valuable volunteer functions during major incidents. We come together because we care about the Forest and about our communities. We hope to educate people about the wildfires that threaten our homes, our recreation areas, our natural resources.   Wildfires are part of nature in the San Bernardino National Forest, but learning how to prevent catastrophic wildfires and being able to assist the Forest Service and other agencies during an incident, is a very rewarding opportunity.   For those of you looking for new ways to explore and enjoy the Forest, while contributing to its overall stewardship - this website will introduce you to the Wildfire Prevention Volunteers Program!

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