and drive the Model T at special events and in parades.  Model T Driver's Training, CLASSES COMING SOON! Send us a note via our contact page if you want to be notified of the next class. Check out the slideshow to see more of the Model T

Fire Information Team Training

Many of you have the USFS number to call* for information when a major fire is burning in our Forest.  The Fire Information Volunteers help answer those "hot line" calls and share the latest statistics of the fire.  Often they are also called upon to assist Forest Service staff at roadside kiosks, sharing maps and details of the fire status.  There is nothing like being "in the moment" with data when the fire is raging....and helping frightened and concerned citizens find out what is going on!

Join our Fire Info-maniacs and make a difference during a major incident!

More training coming soon. Send us a note via our Contact to be notified of our next class.

*That number is: 909-383-5688

(manned during major fire incident)

Calendar of Activities & Events & training

Coming Up!

Sat, Jul 2nd, 9 to 4pm, Green Valley Lake.

Model T & Smokey at GVL Mountain Community Alliance's Independence Parade and Summer Faire.

Fri, Aug 5th, 5:30pm, Running Springs.

Model T & Smokey, Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce (RSACC)Mountain Top Days Parade

Sat, Aug 6th, 9 to 4pm, Running Springs.
Model T & Smokey, RSACC Mountain Top Days

Sun, Aug 7th, 11 to 2pm, Lake Arrowhead.

Smokey Bear, Mountain History Museum

Check for more events coming soon!

Would you like Smokey and/or the Model T to come to an event in your area? Click here for the Team Request form.